Maria Montessori understood that students of this age need specialized teachers who understand the wholeness of teaching. Because this school mimics a homeschool environment where girls are treated as family, an immediate opening for 1-2 female live-in Farm Intern(s)/Teacher Guide(s) will be sought for any combination of the following positions:

Latin/Language Arts

Guides will be provided and assisted with Montessori teaching and curriculum resources to better understand the developmental needs of adolescents as well as Church documents on Catholic education. Each intern is expected to lead at least one farm project. Farm chores which enhance farm income are included on a part-time basis. A guaranteed monthly stipend of $200/intern with a percentage of additional net farm income will be offered.

To date, the following faculty members have been hired for fall 2012:

  • Mary Ann Heerschap graduated from Texas Christian Univerisity with a Bachelor of Science degree with classes in Microbiology, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry, as well as Nutrition, Advanced Nutrition, and Diet Therapy. She continues to take continuing education classes in functional nutrition and participates in seminars on farming. Mary Ann will be teaching math and science classes.
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