Directress Mary Ann Heerschap has had training in the Bellefonds Method of Cognitive Retraining and has basic familiarity with a functional medicine approach to treating learning differences. The Montessori Method, because it is developmentally based, cognitively meets the needs of most adolescents. Applicants will be interviewed to determine if any additional resources are needed beyond the capability of this program.

The goal of the Montessori program is to enable the individual, the adolescent, to understand her own worthiness, her own strength. This is accomplished in two stages: Normalization and Valorization.

COMPARISON:  Normalization versus Valorization

The normalized child displays the following characteristics:

  • Love of order
  • Love of work
  • Profound spontaneous concentration
  • Attachment to reality
  • Love of silence and working alone
  • Sublimation of the possessive instinct
  • Power to act from real choice and not from curiosity
  • Obedience
  • Spontaneous self-discipline
  • Joy

The adolescent whose personality is valorized displays:

  • Joy
  • Selflessness
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Dignity
  • Self-discipline
  • Independence
  • Cooperation
  • Helpfulness
  • The ability to work with others
How is valorization accomplished? It is through work, activity, experience, action, being active with one’s own hands. It is through the development of self-discipline, mingling with people of differing ages and different social classes, through active efforts and positive experiences.
Specifically the adolescent is allowed to earn money or work at legitimate production that has value to society. The experience of working confirms that one is capable of working and contributing to society. The adolescent consciously knows s/he is useful and can help mankind in many ways thereby filling the soul with noble confidence, religious dignity.

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