Application Fee $50
Tuition $3250
Books $500
Lunch Fare $3/day
Supplies see list
*Boarding (5 days, Sun. 6 p.m.-Fri. 4 p.m.) $7555
*Boarding (7 days, 9 months) $8995

*Young men only


(1) Tuition rate is greatly reduced as site of school is private residence and farm of administrator. Administrator will not be able to attend NAMTA-sponsored Adolescent Orientation for certification in 2012, but has completed reading requirements for the course. Thus, this is a developmental year.

(2) Students are expected to work 3-4 hours per week on various farm or community activities.  In addition, they contract to work a total of 8 hours during the summer break at a time convenient to them. They may keep 80% of earnings (20% for transportation, farmer’s market fees, tax expenses).

(3) A program of instruction will be sent to the public school administrator for those enrolled 4 days. Remaining time is allotted for economic ventures.

(4) Lunch will be prepared as much as possible from farm and local produce. Students will be paired and rotate through doing kitchen creations.

(5) In addition to books and supplies, students must have warm clothing in the winter, rain gear, snow boots and/or mud boots, hard-soled shoes, work gloves, backpack. A supply list is available in the Forms section of this website.

(6) Insurance policy covers liability and medical mishaps.

Tuition assistance may be available as it is the Montessori tradition to accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds. Information will be posted in time.


One thought on “TUITION & FEES

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